Nigel Barge 10k 2017

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The Nigel Barge 10k race is organised by Maryhill Harriers. It is one of Glasgow's oldest races having been run since 1943.

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Nigel Barge 10k 2017

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The Nigel Barge 10k race is organised by Maryhill Harriers. It is one of Glasgow’s oldest races having been run every year since 1943. It usually takes place at the start of the year. This is the route used in 2017 and may be subject to change.

Starting just off the entrance to the Garscube estate, run down past the football pitches and turn left behind the clubhouse. Follow the road and onto the narrow path back out to cross the bridge. Left after the bridge and it’s a steep climb up and out of the estate and a sharp left onto Ilay Road then Bearsden Road.

Time for a slog along Temple Road, then up past the dump and let your legs recover a bit down to the River Kelvin. Then it’s a short, nasty, steep climb up to Maryhill Road and time to pick the pace up back towards Garsube. Complete two laps of this undulating route and on the second go, don’t turn left to go behind the clubhouse, instead just carry on to finish your 10k. For more history of the Nigel Barge, check out the Maryhill Harriers club race page.

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