Nigel Barge 5 Mile Road Race 1943

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Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 5 | Distance (km): 8 | Route Ascent (ft): 324

Route description

This historical race made its debut in 1943 and is still organised today by the Maryhill Harriers. It is now a 10k race but it started life as a five miler. The route we show here is based on the description from Scottish Distance Running History. If you love to read about the history of Scottish running, we can’t recommend this site highly enough.

This original route starts on Kelvindale Road with a quick downhill to cross the bridge over the Kelvin. Then the undulating nature of the course hits home. It’s a steep climb up to Cleveden Road followed by the steep descent towards the Forth and Clyde Canal. Turn left along Temple Road then right up the Switchback to Canniesburn Toll. It’s then a two mile effort on Maryhill Road before turning right back onto Kelvindale Road and completing the five miles. You can also view the 10k route from 2017.

Elevation profile

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