How to quickly and easily create a route using Garmin Connect

This post will show you how to quickly and easily create a route using the Garmin Connect app. It’s ideal if you’re in a rush or just looking to get some new ideas. The post needs updated to reflect changes on the app but you’ll get the main points.

The instructions below are using the Garmin Connect app on an Android phone. I presume it’s the same process for iPhones.

1. Open the app and choose Courses on the menu

(Courses is now under the training menu)

You’ll see a list of any previously created routes and up the top is Create Course

2. Select Create Course and choose your option

You can create courses for running, trail running, as well as paved cycling, mountain biking and gravel cycling.

3. Give your course a name, input a distance and choose which direction you want to go

Set a specific distance, it doesn’t accept a range like 4 – 6 and choose whether you want to go south, north, east, west or let it pick a random direction for you.

4. Move the map around to find your starting area and tap where you would like to start from

The app will then quickly calculate your course.

5. Voila, you have a new running route

If you’re happy, select done and get your trainers on.

If your watch supports courses, select the little icon in the top right corner and, if you have Bluetooth on, it will ping it over.

6. Menu options

You can make changes by selecting the blue menu icon.

  • Undo clears the map and lets you choose a new starting point.
  • Re-route lets you change the direction you chose.
  • Map View lets you overlay mile markers and choose standard, satellite or hybrid maps.
  • Details lets you change the course name, type, privacy settings and allows you to set a virtual partner pace which you can sync with your watch if it has that feature.
  • Add Course Points lets you add flags as markers for water stops, aid stations, places of interest or whatever else you can think of.
  • Help gives you more information on some of the features.

Be mindful that the options you choose may result in the app including minor roads. Always make sure you run safe, can be seen by other road users and ideally let someone know where you plan to go.

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