Kelvingrove Park – Canal – Clydebank HM

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Kelvingrove Park to Clydebank Half Marathon | Glasgow running routes

Terrain: Mixed | Distance (m): 13.1 | Distance (km): 21 | Route Ascent (ft): 488

Route description

This is a nice relaxing long run. It’s perfect for getting away from traffic, taking in the Kelvin Walkway, Forth and Clyde Canal and cycle path back to Glasgow. If you’re training for a half marathon and want to get used to the distance it’s a great route for testing yourself.

Starting at the fountain in Kelvingrove Park, it’s a few gentle hills through the park and onto the walkway along the Kelvin, taking care crossing Kelvindale Road and onwards to the canal. It’s then generally a slight downhill all the way to Clydebank, coming off the canal just before you reach the Clydebank Shopping Centre. Follow the signs for National Route 7. The cycle path brings you back to Glasgow via the old railway line and joins South Street, Whiteinch after nearly 11 miles. Take the underpass across from the Glasgow Harbour flats and follow the cycle path to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and back into the park to complete the loop.

Be cautious when crossing Kelvindale Road as sometimes the cars can appear from nowhere and at speed.

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