Mugdock – Glengoyne Distillery

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Terrain: Off Road | Distance (m): 14.5 | Distance (km): 23.3 | Route Ascent (ft): 1414

Elevation profile

Elevation of Mugdock and West Highland Way via Dumgoyne route

Route description

This trail run takes you out of Glasgow and into Stirlingshire territory. The route from Mugdock Park, through Blanefield then along the trails to the Glengoyne Distillery, and back via the West Highland Way is brilliant. No wonder they say running is good for your mental health. At over 14 miles long and a number of hills to climb, you work hard for the stunning views and you definitely deserve that coffee and cake at the finish.

Start running from outside the main car park, taking a left to run down the road then take your first right. Enjoy views over the Campsies and at about 2.7 miles, take a left and zigzag your way down the forestry track. Left again to run the big straight at the allotments and as you come to the road, take a right up to Blanefield. Continue on to St Kessogs Church and begin your climb back upwards. Be careful around 5.5 miles where you can go left or right. Make sure you take the left trail and continue running. Before, or around, seven miles it’s time for a steep downhill as you come out at Glengoyne Distillery. Remind yourself to look up during the Blanefield to Glengoyne stretch as the views are great.

After Glengoyne cross the road, turn left and run along the pavement (traffic can travel fast on this stretch of road so take care and keep well in) until you come to a single track road on your right. Run down the track until you meet the first path and take a left to join it. You are now on the West Highland Way which you will follow all the way back to Mugdock via Craigallan Loch, some major hills and more stunning views.

Come off the West Highland Way after you’ve been running for a total of around 12.5 miles and run the paths into Mugdock where you’ll arrive at Mugdock Castle. Follow the paths round to the visitor centre and grab some well deserved grub.

Views over Dumgoyne

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