West Highland Way – Killearn Loop

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A smashing 21 mile route along the West Highland Way and looping back through the Killearn and Blanefield trails. Great views to be had on this run.

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West Highland Way – Killearn Loop

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We’re lucky in Glasgow that we’re never too far away from some great outdoor trails. This running route is about 21 miles starting in Milngavie along the West Highland Way, coming off at Killearn, taking the trails back to Blanefield and looping back onto the Way.

Depending on where you park the car you can either start at the underpass at Milngavie train station or just go from the West Highland Way starting point in the town centre. This route is measured from the train station underpass. The WHW is fairly well signposted so as long as you’re running in daylight you should be fine (otherwise a headtorch would help).

The first 4 miles are a gradual incline with one short steep climb after half a mile as you leave the houses behind. The paths are generally wide and well maintained although you can be dancing over puddles if there’s been a bit of downpour. Craigallan Loch is on your right hand side and offers views up to Dumgoyne which you’ll soon be a lot closer too.

As you run past the Carbeth huts, take care as you come to the road. You run a small section (about 500m) on the road here as you turn left and remember to run on the right hand side facing oncoming traffic. On the right hand side you’ll see the signpost and rejoin the WHW path. 7 miles done.

Dumgoyach Hill comes into sight as you get ready for a fast downhill before it levels out and you have a short climb again past Dumgoyach Farm. There are great views over to Ben Lomond and the Trossachs here. Onwards and take a left after you cross the narrow Blane Water to follow the path for about 3 miles. You’ll pass Glengoyne Distellery on your right.

Be careful you don’t miss the Killearn turn off. At about 8.5 miles, you’ll go under a bridge and the turn off is a sharp left to take you on to the road. There is a pavement to run on up to the village, which is a bit of climb. Follow the road round past the Killearn Kirk then down to your left as you begin your loop back.

As you leave Killearn, run on the road for about 200m then take a left following the off-road track past the houses and up through the gate into the field. Follow the path for about the next 7 miles as you pass Dumgoyne, Slackdhu and into Blanefield, where you come out at St Kessogs.

Follow the main road down to Strathblane, past the Kirkhouse Inn and take a right onto Dumbrock Road as you near the edge of the village. As you come to the end of Dumbrock Road, take the path on your left. This is quite a steep climb and can get a bit muddy as you approach Milndavie Farm Riding Centre. When you reach the top you’ll rejoin a better path and you can enjoy views over where you’ve just run from. After about 16.5 miles take a left to head towards Mugdock Park, then back onto the West Highland Way and complete your glorious run.

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