Old Cathcart Cemetery to Cathkin Braes

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16 miles with spectacular view across the city. This is a great, varying southside route that works the lungs, legs and everything in between.

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Old Cathcart Cemetery to Cathkin Braes

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Starting off at Old Cathcart Cemetery gates on Clarkston Avenue, up through both sections of the cemetery into Linn Park at the metal bridge. Follow the path to the left that takes you over the stair section out at the snuff mill bridge: be mindful of wet stairs and muddy paths.

Cross the bridge re-entering the park on the right hand side. Follow the path taking the first path on the left up to Old Castle Road. Exit the Park cross the road down towards Court Knowe, make either a clockwise or anti clockwise loop in here and return to the park.

When in the park, cut across the grass at the childrens play area up past the trees running parallel to Linnview Avenue, this can be quite overgrown and the paths surface can become somewhat slippy, emerge at the Linn Park Golf Course club house. Follow the path up through the middle of the course (being mindful of golfers teeing off), continue to follow this path down to the bridge at the burn leading to Drakemire Drive. Take a right at this point and follow the walker/ runner made path being careful of fallen branches and tree roots, you will have to jump over a felled tree, this brings you out at the gates of Linn Crematorium.

Cross into the cemetery staying on the path straight ahead (you’ll see a headstone to someone who was involved in racing driving), continue on this path following it to the right (if you wish to add more mileage you can go left instead up the hill and follow the path down past the rows), until you come to the trees at the end.

Enter the woods here being mindful that it can become very overgrown and you will be following a trail path. Continue on this path until you reach the power station/ metal bridge to Stamperland. Here you need to make the decision whether you want to tackle the hill climb or continue on and take the path that has some access stairs to the top. The hill climb is just 5 yards on the left (you come across deer regularly).

At the top you can go straight on past the mast and follow the path down to the farm road, take this and head towards Castlemilk. At the end of this path you head up towards the roundabout to Carmunnock Road. Here you enter the field on the left hand side up the hill and continue on this well worn path towards the wind turbine, crossing a couple of tarmac paths towards the wind turbine car park. I usually follow the MTB trails to this point and continue through the car park following the path that runs parallel to the Cathkin Road until you come to the Queens Seat stone plinth/seat. From here make your way to the communications mast, take in the spectacular view across the city and then head back on the path following the route just ran.

This is a great, varying route that works the lungs, legs and everything in between. Take care following the route on Strava as it misses some of the off road paths.

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