Mugdock Park 3M

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A 3 mile trail run that sticks to the main paths within Mugdock Country Park. Starts at the Visitor Centre, round the loch, castle and gunsite.

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Route information

This 3 mile run round Mugdock Country Park gives a nice easy introduction to trail running. It gets you out of the city, running on well maintained paths with tranquil views across the loch, up to the castle and the Second World War anti-aircraft gunsite. From the gunsite you get great views over Glasgow and beyond.

Start at the visitor centre and head down to the left hand side of the pond. The paths here are narrow so watch out for other people and dogs. It soons opens up as the path swings round to the left before coming down to the loch. The first mile is nearly all downhill.

Follow the path round the outside of the loch, which should always be on your right hand side. It is a gradual incline to the castle then through a gate up to the gunsite where you might pass some sheep and cows on the way. As you reach the top, take in the views across Glasgow on your left and the Campsies on your right.

Once you leave the gunsite through the gate to the car park, run down the path on your right. Again, it’s quite narrow here so watch out for others. It’s another downhill section which lets you recover from the earlier climb. As you near the bottom stay on the path to your left with another hill back up towards the visitor centre where you can finish with a tea/coffee and an empire biscuit.



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