Blanefield – Glengoyne Distillery Loop

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7 mile trail run starting from Blanefield to Glengoyne Distillery and back via the West Highland Way.

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Blanefield – Glengoyne Distillery Loop

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This 7 mile trail run is used by Maryhill Harriers for their internal club trail race where members compete for coveted merit league points. It’s a great route for giving the legs a wee challenge with some steady climbs, great views and not too many opportunities for getting lost (though I have taken the same wrong path on numerous occasions).

Start at St Kessog’s where you can use the car park for free (the church welcomes donations posted through the letterbox). The route uses the well maintained path known as the Pipe Track which is a mostly stoney path with woods at either side giving a nice isolated feel to your run. Once the views open up you’ll see Dumfoyn and Dumgoyne hills on your right.

The first two miles are a gradual uphill which you can ease into then start working your way down before it gets to the steep descent to Glengoyne Distillery. Before you start the steep descent, make sure you take the right path! At about 2.8 miles you’ll approach a house which has a number of solar panels installed in the field on the left hand side. The path splits in two here. The main path is not the one to take (see the gallery pics) as this will take you on towards Killearn (still a nice run). Take the left path and don’t worry – it looks like you’re going to end up in the driveway but you don’t. The path passes the house and snakes down to Glengoyne.

The A81 can be a busy road with speeding cars so be careful crossing. At the other side there is a pavement to run on until you take a right onto the minor road at about 3.6 miles (it’s the first road after you’ve passed the Glengoyne car park). After a short spell on the road, take a left to join the West Highland Way and follow the waymarked path towards Dumgoyach.

After about 4.5 miles, the climb starts again and you’ll feel it more than the steady uphill at the start of the run. Feel free to stop for a breather and admire the views around you (unless you’re a Harrier and you’re in the middle of a race). At 5.5 miles keep to the left path to come off the West Highland Way and stay on it for about a mile until you come to the B821, Station Road. There is no pavement here so watch out for cars as you take a left and follow the road back to Blanefield. Once you enter the village, it’s another wee uphill to the finish, taking a right at Glasgow Road and making your way back to St Kessog’s.

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