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Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 9.7 | Distance (km): 15.5 | Route Ascent (ft): 426

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Glasgow is known for it’s Subcrawl, jumping off at every underground stop for a wee aperitif before jumping back on and repeating until you’re either completely hammered or have managed to get all the way back to where you started.

It’s also popular among the running community for slightly different reasons, with many taking on the challenge of running the outer or inner circle and grabbing a selfie at each stop. Have a read of blogs by twinbikerun, Fiona Outdoors and The Runbetweeners to get a taste of it.

If you’re not from Glasgow, the outer and inner circle just refers to which direction you go.  There are 15 stops and it’s up to you where you start from. Our route starts from St Enoch and follows the outer circle to Bridge Street and onwards. The route is about 10 miles long.

From St Enoch Station, run towards the River Clyde and take a left to cross over the suspension bridge, keep running ahead and you’ll see the Skills Academy. Take a right along Norfolk Street and as you approach The Laurieston, turn left and tick Bridge Street Station off the list.

Continue towards the O2 Academy, turning right when you reach it and run along Cook Street. As the cars drive onto the M8, turn left on West Street and you’ll find West Street Underground on the corner. After your selfie here, get back onto Scotland Street and it’s a short run past Scotland Street School Museum to Shields Road Underground.

Follow the road round to the right and cross over at the lights on Seaward Street. There are a couple of options here. Our route takes you along a quiet path which comes out behind Ryze and Wonder World. It might look a bit abandoned though and if you’d rather not run along it, continue down Seaward Street and turn left at Milnpark Street and left again at Middlesex Street. This will bring you on to Scotland Street West to re-join the route and run to its end where you’ll find Kinning Park Subway Station.

Run through the park to Clifford Street (or down Cornwall Street if you don’t fancy the park) and you’ll find Cessnock Underground just off Paisley Road West. After a quick stop here, continue onto Brand Street through Woodville Street and arrive at Ibrox for your next subway conquered.

The last stop this side of the river is Govan Subway. Head towards the Clyde and along Govan Road to the station. Take a right past Elder Park and follow the pavement to the Clyde Tunnel pedestrian entrance. The Tunnel has a controlled entry system, press the buzzer and wait to be let in then enjoy the surreal run under the river and press the buzzer at the other side to get out.

When you exit, cut back to South Street and follow the cycle route towards the flats at Glasgow Harbour, cross at the lights at the underpass and follow the cycle route to Partick station. Kelvinhall is only a short run along Dumbarton Road then join Byres Road to tick off Hillhead Subway. Turn right at the end of Byres Road and along Great Western Road to Kelvinbridge Underground then onto St Georges Cross. Keep going along New City Road and under the M8, past Chinatown and through the underpass to reach Cowcaddens. After your selfie, take a right through the next underpass and join Sauchiehall Street via Cambridge Street. You’re on the home straight now and just follow Sauchiehall onto Buchanan Street where you can’t miss the tube station and finish off with a sprint back down to St Enoch and plenty of places to get a refreshment or two.

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