Hilly West End 10

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Running Glasgow West End

Terrain: Mixed | Distance (m): 10.3 | Distance (km): 16.6 | Route Ascent (ft): 721

Route description

Have you been made to take the bins out? Then stick your shorts on and run this hilly 10 mile route from Dawsholm Park.

The route takes you down across the Kelvin and up to join the walkway along to Garscube. As you near the end of the path, keep an eye out for the red ash path on your left. You can either take the red path or continue on the walkway. Both paths will take you into the Science Park where you follow the road behind the clubhouse and down to the pitches near the river. Cross the bridge, turn right and exit onto Maryhill Road then Milngavie Road.

Run towards Allander Leisure Centre and the red post box on the left side of the road indicates that the steep climb up Mosshead Road is imminent. Up and over Mosshead, through Kilmardinny Park then a long slog along and up Stockiemuir Avenue. Turn left at the top and run down past Bearsden Ski Club and continue to Bearsden Cross via Thorn Drive/Road.

Take a right at the train station then it’s another steep climb up Pendicle Road with a wee chance to recover down the other side before it’s up for Canniesburn Road and turn right for downhill on Maxwell Avenue. Follow Maxwell to the end, cross at the traffic lights on Bearsden Road to go up and around Ilay Avenue/Road and enter the back of the Garscube campus.

Return back the way you started and as you head back up towards Dawsholm, enter the park via the stairs at the bottom of the road. There is a faint path to follow on the grass which leads you on to the main paths among the trees. Follow the large tarmac path to the end and take a left to follow the perimeter of the park with nice views over Anniesland and the occasional Highland Cow. Exit back to the road and complete your 10 mile run.

View from Dawsholm Park Running Route

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