Carmunnock Cannonball

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The Carmunnock Cannonball is a 7 mile route in Castlemilk, good for long uphills and downhills.

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Carmunnock Cannonball

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This route was shared on our Facebook page by Arthur O’Brien a long time ago. Thanks for sharing Arthur.

Carmunnock Cannonball, or perhaps it will be more affectionately known as ‘The Castlemilk Killer’, is a tough 7 miler for anyone looking to add some hills into their training.

Starting at Castlemilk Swimming Pool, the first 3/4 mile is uphill along Castlemilk Drive past the High School, taking a right along Ardencraig Road until you reach the top of Carmunnock Road, ready to let the legs loose and beast it down.

You get a good 2.5 miles of downhill running here as you join onto Croftfoot Road all the way to Blairbeth then it’s back uphill for 1.5 miles along Fernhill Road and back onto Ardencraig Road.

To complete the loop, head for another big cannonball run down Carmunnock, turning right at Dougrie Road to finish back at the school.

To mix things up, why not give it a run in reverse.

Apologies, for taking so long to get it on here, Arthur (it was hidden in the Facebook comments, so that’s my poor excuse for forgetting). Hopefully (fingers crossed) the form for sharing routes should now be working  so anyone else looking to add their route should be able to do so.

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