Kelvingrove Park and Art Gallery 5k

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Terrain: Mixed | Distance (m): 3.1 | Distance (km): 5 | Route Ascent (ft): 206

Route description

This 5k running route in Kelvingrove Park is relatively flat but has a couple of short climbs. It also features a loop of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, as well as the Lawn Bowls and Tennis Centre.

Starting from the Gibson/Eldon Street entrance run along the low path beside the river, crossing over the bridge and up over Kelvinway. Follow the path with Glasgow University in the background then just before 1k, turn left to run back along the river, running behind Kelvingrove Bandstand and back over the bridge. Take a right and run up past the skate park. Exit the park to your right, taking care crossing the road and complete a loop round the art gallery. Onto Sauchiehall Street past the bowls and tennis courts and run back into the park via Gray Street. Run round the opposite side of the skate park heading towards the start point where you take a right and tackle the steep climb up to the height of the park and enjoy some lovely views. Work your way back down to the Kelvingrove Street entrance, take the path on your left towards the cafe then it’s a sharp right for a 200m sprint finish to complete the 5k route.

If you’re visiting the city, be aware that most parks have no lights, so probably best to avoid in the dark.

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