Rouken Glen 5k Loop

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5k running route in Rouken Glen park, Glasgow. Two laps of the park and boating pond makes this a straightforward 5k for all runners.

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Rouken Glen 5k Loop

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Route information

This running route is a more straightforward 5k loop of Rouken Glen and is contained within the park. For an alternative run which includes the road, trails and the park, see our other Rouken Glen running route.

Start at the pavilion and run in the direction of the skate park. Keep to the path on your left and run up to and around the boating pond. Exit the pond at the opposite end and run the well kept paths without going down to the burn. Take a right past the walled garden and rejoin the main walkways.

Run back towards the pavilion and complete the loop a second time to reach 5k.

Rouken Glen is a great park for running. For a wee challenge, go and explore the Glen Walks which make you think you could be anywhere as you run through the trees spurred on by the sound of waterfalls. A few steps and climbs make it a good workout.

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