Silverburn 5k

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5k route around Silverburn for when you forget your bag for life but your running gear is still in the boot. Complete 2 loops for 5k.

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Get a quick 5k in when you’re out doing the shopping. The route follows the permiter around Silverburn Shopping Cente with a wee detour off the main pavement to run the path alongside Brock Burn. If you’re there when it’s quiet you might fancy just sticking to the road but be mindful of delivery trucks and cars on Cowglen Road.

The route is fairly flat with a wee incline along Fairchild Avenue as you head towards the M8. Choose your starting point then head out to complete two loops, adding a wee bit extra at the end to take you up to 5k. Cross at the traffic lights where Peat Road meets Cowglen Road to stay on the pavement and as you pass the bus station the path to Brock Burn is on your right.

Cross the first bridge on your left to return to Cowglen Road and take care crossing the road back on to the pavement. Follow the route to complete your loops and watch out for traffic at the roundabouts.

For a traffic free run, Pollok Park is just around the corner.

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