Squiggly Bridge to Science Centre 5k Loop

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Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 3.1 | Distance (km): 5 | Route Ascent (ft): 216

Route description

Perfect for a lunch time run if you’re working or staying in Glasgow city centre.

Take off from the Squiggly Bridge and run along the River Clyde towards the Hydro. Run over the river at the Millenium Bridge, take a left to loop round the Glasgow Tower and Glasgow Science Centre, then run towards Pacific Drive.

Follow the road to run over the Squinty Bridge, crossing back over the river and heading back along the Broomielaw to where you started. This is a fairly flat running route however it can be exposed to the elements on wet and windy days. Some parts of the path are narrow so be aware of cyclists approaching from behind and be mindful of others. If you use Strava, there’s a few wee segments you can target on this run.

Elevation profile

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