West End to Hardgate Half Marathon Loop

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Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 13.4 | Distance (km): 21.6 | Route Ascent (ft): 711

Route description

This is a great running route to test yourself over the half marathon distance.

Join the Kelvin Walkway, run to Dawsholm then follow the cycle route into Garscube before making your way towards Bearsden and up Drymen Road. UP being the word! I wondered why I was feeling it after 7 miles – the first 6 are uphill that’s why.

Follow the A810 road to Hardgate, where you’ll pass a nice viewing spot over Glasgow thanks to the elevation. There’s a pavement on one side of the road to keep you safe. Once you reach Hardgate, take a left past Tesco and the car showroom, follow the road road and you’ll join Great Western Road back to the start.

Only downside of this running route is the boring trudge back along Great Western Road. You could change it up – instead of joining GWR, you could cross the road, run down to Clydebank and come back via the canal.

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