Paisley – Giffnock Half Marathon

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Glasgow Running Routes - Paisley and Giffnock Half Marathon

Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 13.2 | Distance (km): 21.2 | Route Ascent (ft): 574

Route description

Half Marathon route through the west of the Southside. It’s basically a large triangle, so it’s easy to follow without getting lost. The route is mostly flat, with a few hilly sections after the halfway point. It passes Pollok and Bellahouston parks, so either is a great starting point.

Head along Paisley Road West and Glasgow Road, running through Cardonald, Crookston and Ralston until you reach Barshaw Park. Handy if you’re caught short, the park has public toilets and I’ve never yet seen them closed!

Turn left at the park and it’s about 1 mile along Hawkhead Road before you turn left again and head towards Darnley. As you run past Sainsburys avoid the stop/start of the traffic lights by taking a left down the path and up over the bridge across the M77. Rejoin Nitshill Road, take a left at the business park and follow the road back to Pollok Park and to where you started.

Elevation profile

Glasgow Running Routes - Paisley and Giffnock Half Marathon

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