Glasgow Green 5k

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5k running route in Glasgow Green. Enjoy this route along the River Clyde, taking in the People's Palace and Doulton Fountain.

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Glasgow Green 5k

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This 5k running route in Glasgow Green starts just next to the McLennan Arch and takes you round the park perimeter.

Follow the River Clyde upstream past the boat house where you might find some of the local rowing clubs in action. Continue on up behind the football pitches, keeping to the path on your left then exit the park for a short spell. That’s 2k done.

Turn left to run along the pavement and take care crossing James Street. Run down your next left, Templeton Street, and you’ll pass the glorious People’s Palace on your left and Doulton Fountain on your right. Continue to the end of Templeton Street, turning left again onto Greendyke Street to follow the road to Saltmarket and back into the Green. Once back through the Arch there’s just over 1k remaining.

Take the left path then the third right towards the back of the People’s Palace and turn right for the big finishing straight. Chill out in the park afterwards (or head back to work after a wee destresser).

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