Rouken Glen 5k

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5k run in Rouken Glen park featuring roads, trails and parks.

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Rouken Glen 5k

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This 5k in Rouken Glen park has a bit of everything. Road running, parkrunning and trail running all in beautiful surroundings.

There is no official Saturday parkrun in Rouken Glen, however the park does host a 2k junior parkrun on Sundays.

Start at the Garden Centre entrance on Rouken Glen Road and follow it round to Stewarton Road. Turn left as if you are going into David Lloyd then stay on the right hand side to run up alongside the golf course (it’s a bit of an incline). Take a left at about 1.5k down onto the Glen Walks past the impressive waterfall.

Follow the walking paths and you’ll cross over the water a few times before re-entering the park and doing a loop of the kids playground. Run up to and round the boating pond, finishing the loop with a sharp left then run up and down through the trees to finish where the paths intersect.

Make a day of it and check the Rouken Glen website to see what other activities are on at the park. Take care on narrow paths and be mindful of other users. The paths can also get muddy and slippy in the wet.

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