Hogganfield Park and Lethamhill 5k

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Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 3.1 | Distance (km): 5 | Route Ascent (ft): 121

Route description

This 5k running route is in the north east of Glasgow. It includes running in Hogganfield Park and on the road round the outside of Lethamhill Golf Course. Hogganfield Park is a local nature reserve which is stated as being Glasgow’s ‘most important site for migrating and wintering birds’, so get a spot of bird-watching in with this run.

Enter the park via Cumbernauld Road and start your run on the tarmac path which goes all around the water. As you come back down the opposite side of the loch take a left past the trees with the golf course on your right. As you come to the road, turn right and follow Gartloch Road until you reach the dual carriageway. Turn right back along Cumbernauld Road and enter the park via the further away entrance near Royston Road. Take a right onto the path you started on and beast it for the remaining 700m or so.

Elevation profile

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