Bell’s Bridge – Clyde Tunnel Loop

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Bells Bridge Clyde Tunnel running route

Terrain: Road | Distance (m): 6.2 | Distance (km): 10 | Route Ascent (ft): 216

Route description

Can you run through the Clyde Tunnel? Yes you can. This 10k(ish) route will show you how with a loop from Bell’s Bridge, taking in some Govan sights, the Clyde, Riverside Museum and Science Centre.

Start at the Bell’s Bridge on the side of the Hydro, crossing over and running between the BBC and Premier Inn onto Govan Road. As you run towards Govan you’ll pass the Govan Graving Docks, built for repairing ships between 1869-75 and which closed in 1988. You’ll pass a few more cracking buildings including the Pearce Institute and run past Elder Park. For this route ignore the first entrance to the tunnel, continue on until Holmfauld Road and take a left to work your way round to the Northbound entrance. To get into the tunnel, buzz the intercom and wait for them to open the gates and you’ll do the same at the other end to get out.

It’s a bit surreal running through the tunnel as you’re underneath the cars and can hear them overhead, it’s also pretty long and your GPS won’t give an accurate reading. A nice downhill to start then climb your way back up and catch your breath waiting for the gate to open. As you come out at Whiteinch make your way to South Street and run past the flats at Glasgow Harbour towards the Riverside Museum. Go round the back of the museum past the Tall Ship and follow the route along the Clyde.

To finish, cross the Millenium Bridge, loop round the Glasgow Tower and Science Centre and cross back over the Bell’s Bridge to finish.


Elevation profile

Bells Bridge Clyde Tunnel running route elevation profile

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