Castlemilk to Rutherglen

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A near 7 mile/ 11 km route from Castlemilk to Rutherglen starting from Castlemilk High School. Downhill to start and uphill to end.

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Castlemilk to Rutherglen

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Route information

This near 7 mile route was submitted by twitter follower @hinton_anton and follows a straightforward loop from Castlemilk to Rutherglen.

Start at Castlemilk High School and head out to and along Ardencraig Road to Carmunnock Road. It’s then over 2 miles along Carmunnock and Aikenhead Road as you run past King’s Park and Toryglen Football Centre. You then take a right with a mile on Prospecthill Road before a right onto Mill Street starts you heading back. Then follow Croftfoot Road and Castlemilk Drive to finish back at the High School.

The first half is a gentle downhill and has a gradual uphill for the last mile or so.

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