Strathclyde Uni and Necropolis Loop

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Take a break from studying with this 5k running route from Strathclyde University and The Necropolis.

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Strathclyde Uni and Necropolis Loop

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A chance to get the head out of the books and de-stress with this running route starting from Strathclyde University. At just over 5k and with a few hills, you’ll be sure to work up a sweat.

From the library head down Cathedral Street and turn left at Montrose Street. Compose yourself, taking care not to trip on your way down the steep hill. Take a left again and head along to Dennistoun, passing Tennents at the Wellpark Brewery. Take a left at Craigpark and run up to Alexandra Parade to start your loop back.

From there you’re heading for a lap with the ghouls at The Necropolis, heading out via Glasgow Cathedral and back to base. A few runs of this route and you won’t be long building up your fitness.

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